Tuesday, July 03, 2007

wasted day...

Well, they finally fixed the dryer monday and do you think I have done laundry...NOPE!! I am not even remotely motivated to do it. so after he left monday at about 1pm, I watched tv and wound ribbon from my stash onto chipboard.

Today I decided to keep arianna home from the biys and girls club becasue she had a dentist appt at 2pm and I didn't want to drive all over gilbert in the heat to get her..go ahead call me lazy, but it was 114 today!!

Good news the girls both checked out great with NO cavities...that's great, I hate paying for fillings :(

Still have some stomach pains, went to the chiropractor, but it didn't help to much, he said to sleep on my back and stay off my sides..yea, like that will happen.

I feel like scrappin but my room is a mess and I don't want to clean and then re-mess.

Another exciting day planned for tomorrow, NOTHING! Hubby has to work and Nicole is going to hang out with friends, I might head over to mystic paper and pick up a stamp I have been wanting , and stop by scrapbook barn for the 25% off everything sale, I could do some damage...hehe... other than that just chillin with the nana-nator......isn't she cute?!?

Oh and thanks for the comment b-dizzle..you rock!

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Becky said...

she's way cute... you traitor! ha ha! j/k!