Wednesday, July 02, 2008

well, well

You know people come up to me and say why haven't you updated your blog, want to know why? Cuz my life is many times can I say today I kitted so and sos kits, took classes at SBE or drove the kid around to endless summer things to keep her from being bored.

I would say that blogging about that is BORING..wouldn't you?

So here is what the happenings have been, kitting, taking classes and running the kid around LOL told you, same ol same ol...

My dog hurt his foot last week, he has doggy "arf"thritis, and is taking meds and feeling better, they last night he tore the pad on the bottom of his other foot, back to the vet in about 10 minutes...I did sign up for this event in November with Shermala.. Love Love LOVE 7 Gypsies stuff so I think this will be a hoot, and in Manhatten Beach no less...what scenery!

Also in more exciting news my paypal account was somehow hacked a couple of weeks ago and they took money, numerous phone calls and anger, I think it is finally fixed..Why do people do evil things?

Also feeling a little blue, not sure why...

Gotta go take the pup to the vet..$$$$$$$$$$ dang dog too bad I luv him!