Monday, May 26, 2008


This is gonna be a LOOONGG one...

On Saturday the 24th of May I got to attend 3 great classes with Tim Holtz!!

The first class was words and windows, we got to paint on prima transparencies with alcohol inks, it was so awesome.

The next class was a canvas journal which we stitched by hand (the binding that is) and played with wax, and cool

then we did a mirror that had all kinds of cool findings and bits on it..I had an awesome awesome day!

Then my friend Shermala called to ask about my class and ended talking me into going to scrap St Louis on June 5th , but one slight problem, I would have to FLY!! no big you say, but I have NEVER EVER flown before, I am giving myself anxiety just typing this! I bought a ticket and will be heading out in the am on the's hoping I don't freak out!

All in all a great day...see you soon Shermala!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well Hello Stranger!

I figured I would update my blog, due to some gentle nudging ...hi robin!

Well the reason I don't blog for long periods of time is that there is NOTHING interesting going on...same ol same ol..

example of same ol-working on kits, cropping on fridays, taking classes at sbe, vegging (being lazy) neglecting my piles of dirty laundry, and mounting housework!

I did crop for the first time this past Saturday at i-scrap in Scottsdale, I cropped with robin, and Denise and some of their work friends. I got a few things done.

This coming week, more of the same, classes at sbe, working on kits, and more veggin'

I will say that Thursday is Ariana's last day of 4Th grade, what will summer bring (one clue-HEADACHE)
I hope I can keep her from getting to bored...

Big excitement this coming Saturday TIM HOLTZ is teaching at sbe, and yes I will be there for all 3 classes..he's kinda my scrappin idol, plus he's cute!

I really need to start a walking regimen, but the treadmill is soooo boring and it is too dang hot outside, what is up with today's 108? I HATE summer time, hate it!

QOTD: Those on top of the mountain didn't fall there.
Gil Atkinson

Take care, I will try to write something more exciting soon...............