Sunday, October 28, 2007


You know I have head this headache for a couple weeks now, but it's getting worse, I have slept most of the day away, what a waste! I have finished phase 1 of Heidis ever so lovely calendar kits ;) and have decided to be ultra lazy today...SO GLAD tomorrow is monday and dr dever maybe able to ease my pain and make me semi functional again....I also am loving the new food I have been getting from My Girlfriends Kitchen, good food, low calorie(at least the ones I pick) and reasonable....if you decide to try them out let me refer you or use my name, I get bonus points ;)

Have you ever wanted to play in your scrapbook room but just been to lazy? I have been sitting in here for about 1/2 hour staring at everything, maybe not lazy just in pain :(

Arianna and her dad went to the Fall festival on friday while I was cropping and they had a great time, hubby said the haunted house was amazing and poor arianna was trembling...I am glad I didn't go, I am not one for being scared although I LOVE LOVE scaring other people and watching scary movies...go figure!

16 more days until my 10th wedding anniversary..I really need to get my hubbys gift picked up, I would say what it is but sometimes her lurks here..LOL

Anybody know of a cure for nausea, the pain is making me sick.......

Til next time..I bid you ado.............................

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well today I was notified that I was picked for the CREATIVE ESCAPE lottery for 2008 YAHOO!! I am going to CE I am so excited I can hardly stand it, all those months of waiting now.....

Arianna had her conference straight A's, and the teacher says she has a gift for Math!
Good for her...I myself am not the greatest in math good thing her dad is!

I have tried a few of the meals from my girlfriends kitchen 2 words YUM-MY LOL
I thought the chicken lasanga was to DIE for..and no prep was even nicer ...I think I am in love!

We are having our CE crop this friday at sce, should be fun....not much else going on...

going to ce08.....going to CE08...going to it here yet????????

Monday, October 15, 2007


where does the time go???

I thought I had posted a couple of days ago but turns out it was more :(

Yesterday WAS AWESOME!!! Nicole and I headed to the az fairgrounds and saw DAUGHTRY..wooya...he was INCREDIBLE! We had 2nd row center seats, awesome and I think my hearing is coming back....Nicole caught his guitar pick and was so excited that she got it. For her first concert she had an incredible time. She hoped over the row of seats towards the end and he touched her hand, I thought she was going to freak out! I then touched her hand, so I touched him second hand..LOL It was nice to hang out and people watch at the fair, but I was whipped after, and my throat hurt a little and my ears rang for hours. I worked on the fab Ms. Leslis kits today and took a nap. nothing to exciting...

This week the kiddo gets out early every day due to conferences, card class on thursday serendipity on friday and cre8iv, busy busy...I am also picking up an order from my girlfriends kitchen tomorrow, I will let you know how that goes..if it is good or not.

Til then folks thats it!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A week has passed...

sorry long time no blog, been cleaning up the kit mess, doing jennifers kits (cute class BTW) dealing with arianna's school troubles, a day of detention and not allowed to go back to school later in the week for a different offense until a meeting with a oh my, and I think part of my stomach problems are anxiety related, becasue after the school pronblems, I felt REALLY BAD!! the doc sent me for more tests on my tummy, he thinks gastritis..bummer, another pill to take.

Scrapped at home friday by my lonesome, deborah had to back out last minute, hubby sat in the room while I scrapped and waited anxiously for me to use my bind-it-all. It was kinda fun to play with ;)

booked all my classes for the next quarter at SCE (23 of them!) and am looking forward to each and every one.....
The lottery for creative escape opens next week, I NEVER win things like that, so do I put in for it and be dissapointed when I don't get in, or take a shot and see???
I SOOOOOOOOOOO want to go and see Shermala again and to hang with Donna..we had loads of fun this year, and I am already pysched to go.

I posted a couple more things on etsy and need to do a few more, if I get picked for CE I have to pay SOON...

maybe I need to get a part part part time job to help......LOL

Chow friends, c ya around!