Monday, May 26, 2008


This is gonna be a LOOONGG one...

On Saturday the 24th of May I got to attend 3 great classes with Tim Holtz!!

The first class was words and windows, we got to paint on prima transparencies with alcohol inks, it was so awesome.

The next class was a canvas journal which we stitched by hand (the binding that is) and played with wax, and cool

then we did a mirror that had all kinds of cool findings and bits on it..I had an awesome awesome day!

Then my friend Shermala called to ask about my class and ended talking me into going to scrap St Louis on June 5th , but one slight problem, I would have to FLY!! no big you say, but I have NEVER EVER flown before, I am giving myself anxiety just typing this! I bought a ticket and will be heading out in the am on the's hoping I don't freak out!

All in all a great day...see you soon Shermala!


DaddyKen said...

You go Tammy...If anybody can overcome the flying issue it's you, JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF as much as we do. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

I won't comment on the whole Tim Holtz thing, you know my opinion. LOL

Love ya,

Jamie said...

You can do it! Think of how much fun you'll have. Just do like Katherine Brooks used to do - take a pill and order a beer!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! You'll love it!

You and Shermala are going to ahve a that's ever been an issue anyway:)


Donna said...

Oops....I'm not sure why I'm anonymous .....I'll try again without typos this time:)

Shermala said...

First of all, I LOVE your new hair! It looks so good on you!
I am also excited you are coming to KC. We are going to have sooo much fun. I will be right at the gate when you get off the plane. You will do just fine! Can't wait!


shabbyscrapper said...

i finally get the whole tim holtz obsession thing! i took my first class ever from him on saturday and absolutely loved it! love him! he's so much cuter in person than his pictures ever give credit for!

as for the will be fine! you will do great! you are amazing!
love ya, jenny

sandalloons40 said...

OHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited for you to fly for the very 1st time. I flew my 1st time in 1983 and loved it and then second time in 1990 but, that is all.

Ok, well I didn't see you last night at the Album Party? You don't go anymore or did you pick your stuff up earlier? Alot of new faces but, still alot of old ones also.

Well, you take care and have a great time!

Carol K said...

I think you've got great karma this year....flying, a new haircut, a new you! I think you'll be just fine and dandy on that airplane. Now, if I can just get you to go with me to Alaska with Tim....

I hope you're having fun in St Louis! Missed you at the Quick Kutz class.