Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2 in 1 day..shocker!

Ok, so I was doing my blog reading run through and came across a link to TIM HOLTZ'S blog...heaven I tell you, that studio he has is FABULOUSNESS...run friends to view his room...and I found it funny that he uses his master bedroom for his room like I do..here's to you Tim!


Enjoy..and I am reposting my room pics because they make me happy....

and yes that is a real dog on the table!

it's about time......

that I posted..LOL I have been trying to do better but still have been lagging..
Let's see what has been happening since my last post..Denise and I went scrapping at a 12 hour crop, I ALMOST finished all of her cards, but was missing a few papers, which I have since purchased and will finish putting the finishing touches on this friday at se with the amazing hostess Jamie will be working the crop..you go girl..hey and the make and take BETTER be FAB! LOL Put in an application for employment at said store mentioned above, they said no openings now, maybe after the expansion.....Nicole finally got a J-O-B she is at orientation tonight, I should of took a picture of her when she left, this is a first for her..LOL!
Washed my car today for the first time in months...I forgot that it was red..I wanted to put my new sticker on it advertising my shop, but DOH I ordered black writing and you can't see it on my tinted windows...what an idiot, so I have to order another one in white..sometimes I wonder about my brain.
well folks that's it for now....peace out

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well I was ready over my last post and realized that I forgot the most important thing!!

My 10 year wedding anniversary on the 13th of November! My hubby gave me a gift certificate to my fav store and I attempted to give him a LARGE tool box...but thanks to LOWES (NOT!!)
almost ruining the surprise 3 times telling me when it would be here on our anniversary, the day came and went with NO GIFT!! Holy Moly, what a dissapointment....But I received a phone call today and they said your order is here...BOUT friggin time....we went and picked it up and it truly is monsterous....still in the car as a matter of fact..LOL

I love you Ken...here's to many more years xoxo

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day..take time to be with people you love and to be grateful..

I plan on a 12 hour crop with Denise on Saturday..have lotsa stuff that needs to get done, I hope I can be productive ;)

Happy Turkey day all..peace and love!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have been MIA

Well since I have been so ordered to update my blog and that person shall remain nameless (jamie) LOL I will give you the rundown so to speak on my not so exciting life...

In approx order of haps..

remember last post stating I was not feeling well? Good reason for it, I had 2...yes 2 ear infections and a sinus infection, so the dizziness was something else other than me being blonde....
Saw a preview showing of Fred Claus (cute) with the kiddos courtesy of Michelle (thanks again!) Sold 6 of my patchwork pumpkin kits YEAH ME!!

I have decided this one needs a home..if you are local $25.00 and this beauty can be yours!

I will be posting it in my etsy shop soon, so grab it while you can...I don't think I will be making anymore.

I know there is more but my mind is blank..more like just tired...