Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can you believe it?

It is the LAST day of April, where the heck did this month go? I blinked and then it was gone.

I joined Weight Watchers last saturday to help up the points so my body would get with it and start losing again, I had a fill of .5 cc's almost 10 days ago, still not at my "sweet spot" but definetly feel it when I don't eat slowly and chew well...this thing has quite the learning curve.

On the 5th I go for my second fill, not sure I want to much added, they kinda sneak up on ya.

Did Jennifers kits and Jamies this week, awesome projects!

Other than that, nothing to terribly exciting.

QOTD: You will be remembered for what you do when it counts. -Don Ward

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Whirlwind Few Days!!

Well, I think I can finally catch my breath!

It started Tuesday on My birthday, my BFF Let came to my house and we scrapped and had a fab sushi lunch!

It was awesome to hang out and celebrate my day ;)

Then Thursday eve my gal pal Shermala from Kansas came down to visit for the convention. I picked her up about 10 pm or so and we stayed up LATE and visited and then hit the hay for the convention the next day. We got up early drove to the convention, got our tickets and got in line for the early entry vendor fair.

Wasn't too impressed with the goods offered except for the dollar scrapbooking booth, did some damage there ;)

Had a couple of classes and acrylic one that was way to simple and not worth the price, didn't learn anything.

2nd was a card class put on by Devine Memories, the cards were very cute.

3rd class was a princess acrylic album, better class..but the instructor grated on my nerves!

I did learn a few interesting tidbits.

Good news was that I won a $15.00 gift certificate for a vendor at the convention from the daily drawings, I haven't won in 4 years that I have been going there.

Went to a Late nighter crop at friend Donna was also there and brought cute name tags for my spot and some cute balloons, and an awesome tasting carro a?!! Thanks Donna! I didn't get much done, I was soooo tired!

Once again we stayed up late and got up early to head up to Payson to start the shop hop...we had TONS of fun, did some monetary damage and stopped at 7 stores all over the valley.

Then we did ANOTHER late nighter! Holy cow we were WHOOPED! WE hung out until 10:15 or so, then headed home to start the shop thing again today.

When we got back to the house Shermala had the HUGE task of trying to get her massive amount of purchases into her empty suitcase and not exceed the weight. go girl!

She accomplished that task and then we hit 2 more stores today..LOL, and yes she bought more stuff! and she managed to get it in the suitcases...

Took her to the airport at 4:45pm and I already miss her...See you in Sept girl!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

guess what today is?

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That's right folks....It's my 43rd birthday!

Here's to a fabulous year of celebrations and happiness!

and for my ever famous QOTD:

If you knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake somebody up. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 in 2 days

I know shocking, as I sit here drinking my protein coffee, I was thinking about the shot of me I posted yesterday, and the awesomeness that there was only 1 chin showing (without even trying to hide them) I call those NSV (non scale victories) I had a bit of a plateau when I hit 39 lbs, I skidded to a stop.

Well, the good news is that the scale is on the move again..YEAH ME!!!

so as of today I am down 44! lbs..

go tammy go tammy go tammy go tammy go tammy go tammy go tammy go tammy (no really, just go! LOL)

have kits to do today If Lesli calls me back, time is of the essence here, 1000 kits in 2 days, can she do it> Of course! ;)

QOTD- If you can't win, be sure you make the guy ahead of you break the record. -Steve Prefontaine

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back from Cali!

Well I made it safely home from my whirlwind California trip over 1000 miles and 15 hours of driving to prove to myself that I am woman hear me roar! LOL

Just kidding about that part! I have gained a new since of self confidence from this trip, I tackled the drive solo and went into several stores alone and even ate alone in a restaurant!

First stop was 2 stores in the Redlands area, unfortunately one was out of business and the other no longer a scrapbook store except for 2 paper racks..oh well, it was on the way.

My first in store shopping experience was scrapbook oasis in Irvine. Cute store, HUGE work area, found a few cute stamps and some ribbon (surprise, surprise).

Then went to a couple of other stores whose name escapes me at the moment, but I remember going to Timeless Treasures, a big store (nothing like SBE) and I noticed alot of stores on my trip sort by Theme, can I just say I HATE THAT!..impossible to find a specific paper UGH! but a couple sheets of paper now its 6pm so I decide to hit a store in Dana Point off golden Lantern, can't remember name and then find a room. I stayed at the Dana Point Marina Inn, felt very comfortable there, I was raised in this area, felt kinda like coming home, here is the view from my balcony in my room of the harbor and boats, relaxing!

I think I fell asleep at like 8pm what a light weight!
I hit the shopping trail about 8 am and saw a few great stores my favorite on this trip was Ever After

I spent alot of time browsing and they had all kinds of vintage-y stuff, bought some of it too!

Hit a few more stores and then headed back up towards San Bernadino..stayed the night and hit the road home in the am and headed for home.

I stopped along the way back inland and snapped some pictures of the coastline and my new friends :) I have this thing about squirrels (don't ask!)

Here is a pic of the ride home...I was bored (nice thing to be while driving) and took a self-portrait shot ;)

In closing, It was great fun, tiring, but fun!

California Trip....................$500.00

Scrapbook Shopping..........$175.00

Gaining Self-Confidence....$Priceless!

QOTD: If you're already walking on thin ice, why not dance? -Gil Atkinson

Monday, April 07, 2008


been super busy.

I have had a little trouble with the band with staying hydrated, I have been treated 2x's in 30 days for dehydration.

From that virus I had and all the violent coughing I swelled my band shut and was unable to keep my own salvia down, they removed the air in the band, and now I just have discomfort when I eat or drink.

Surgeon says give it a few more weeks and I wait and fight to hydrate.

Good news is I am down 39 lbs! I haven't lost anything in about 10 days, I think my body is still in adjusting mode.

I am taking a CA scrapbook tour over 3 days to see what is out there, this is BIG for me the first time I have driven that far by myself and I have a phobia about going to places I have never been before so I hope I don't get major panic attacks.

It will definetly be a learning experience for me. Alot of potential growth for me in this trip.

Next week my long distance bud Shermala will be in town for our beat the heat hop shop (more info avail at and the convention, I don't think we will breathe at all until she leaves! Sounds fun though. (hi sugar)

See ya all later