Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back from Cali!

Well I made it safely home from my whirlwind California trip over 1000 miles and 15 hours of driving to prove to myself that I am woman hear me roar! LOL

Just kidding about that part! I have gained a new since of self confidence from this trip, I tackled the drive solo and went into several stores alone and even ate alone in a restaurant!

First stop was 2 stores in the Redlands area, unfortunately one was out of business and the other no longer a scrapbook store except for 2 paper racks..oh well, it was on the way.

My first in store shopping experience was scrapbook oasis in Irvine. Cute store, HUGE work area, found a few cute stamps and some ribbon (surprise, surprise).

Then went to a couple of other stores whose name escapes me at the moment, but I remember going to Timeless Treasures, a big store (nothing like SBE) and I noticed alot of stores on my trip sort by Theme, can I just say I HATE THAT!..impossible to find a specific paper UGH! but a couple sheets of paper now its 6pm so I decide to hit a store in Dana Point off golden Lantern, can't remember name and then find a room. I stayed at the Dana Point Marina Inn, felt very comfortable there, I was raised in this area, felt kinda like coming home, here is the view from my balcony in my room of the harbor and boats, relaxing!

I think I fell asleep at like 8pm what a light weight!
I hit the shopping trail about 8 am and saw a few great stores my favorite on this trip was Ever After

I spent alot of time browsing and they had all kinds of vintage-y stuff, bought some of it too!

Hit a few more stores and then headed back up towards San Bernadino..stayed the night and hit the road home in the am and headed for home.

I stopped along the way back inland and snapped some pictures of the coastline and my new friends :) I have this thing about squirrels (don't ask!)

Here is a pic of the ride home...I was bored (nice thing to be while driving) and took a self-portrait shot ;)

In closing, It was great fun, tiring, but fun!

California Trip....................$500.00

Scrapbook Shopping..........$175.00

Gaining Self-Confidence....$Priceless!

QOTD: If you're already walking on thin ice, why not dance? -Gil Atkinson


sandalloons40 said...

great keep up the good work!

Jamie said...

Cute self pic!
I told you that you could do it!!!