Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can you believe it?

It is the LAST day of April, where the heck did this month go? I blinked and then it was gone.

I joined Weight Watchers last saturday to help up the points so my body would get with it and start losing again, I had a fill of .5 cc's almost 10 days ago, still not at my "sweet spot" but definetly feel it when I don't eat slowly and chew well...this thing has quite the learning curve.

On the 5th I go for my second fill, not sure I want to much added, they kinda sneak up on ya.

Did Jennifers kits and Jamies this week, awesome projects!

Other than that, nothing to terribly exciting.

QOTD: You will be remembered for what you do when it counts. -Don Ward


sandalloons44 said...

hey Tammy,

I was at Michaels today before SBE for that adorable make and take. I was thinking it would be Sandy's as it is her theme.

Ok, so at michaels this guy whom works there always commments how that is my home away from home and Laura whom goes to SBE said yes Like Tammy with SBE. LOL
I said oh yes I saw her at Bookin it and she said I saw her at All through the year. LOL
that is so nice you can take so many classes. I am taking alot more also as I cancelled my heart string designs page kits and being their designer. Long story I will share with you sometime.

Oh and i am on my last 25 days if not if someone take over my route.
I can't compete with stolen papers and my husband needs my help.
I may work 2-3 days per week at Michaels though.

I really need to enjoy life and stay home like he likes but, I know nothing different then to work. I wish you would work at SBE? Don't you want too?

sandalloons44 said...

Oh ya, I applied at Michaels for 2-3 days per week perhaps. My route is up on May 28th. Yippee

Ok, I think I will talk to Julie about what happened to me just to share with you. I have been told this mean lady isn't nice to alot of people either.

sorry this happened to you as this isn't what you need to be treated so mean too.

take care of you!

angieinpink said...

WW rocks. I should hit it up. I love keepin' track of all my stats/food/'s fun!

See ya 'round girl!