Monday, April 07, 2008


been super busy.

I have had a little trouble with the band with staying hydrated, I have been treated 2x's in 30 days for dehydration.

From that virus I had and all the violent coughing I swelled my band shut and was unable to keep my own salvia down, they removed the air in the band, and now I just have discomfort when I eat or drink.

Surgeon says give it a few more weeks and I wait and fight to hydrate.

Good news is I am down 39 lbs! I haven't lost anything in about 10 days, I think my body is still in adjusting mode.

I am taking a CA scrapbook tour over 3 days to see what is out there, this is BIG for me the first time I have driven that far by myself and I have a phobia about going to places I have never been before so I hope I don't get major panic attacks.

It will definetly be a learning experience for me. Alot of potential growth for me in this trip.

Next week my long distance bud Shermala will be in town for our beat the heat hop shop (more info avail at and the convention, I don't think we will breathe at all until she leaves! Sounds fun though. (hi sugar)

See ya all later


Kellie said...

i cant wait to see you!
yes i will come and visit of course!!

angieinpink said...

have fun in CA!!!! That is so brave & grown up girl...(: Thanks for the update! And holy 39 lbs...YAY...that's awesome!

Shermala said...

I can't wait until next weekend! We are going to have so much fun. And you are right, no resting! All scrapbooking!