Sunday, July 22, 2007

A VUE to kill

Can I just take a moment to say that SATURN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say first off that I have the "new" car curse, I have been bombarded (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) with problems with new vehicles, you'd think I'd learn....

Alas I haven't. A couple of weeks ago with tooling sown sossaman near southern intersection my beloved VUE decided it would just QUIT RUNNING! I thought @*&%&$%%^$ and restarted it as I was doing 45 mph on a busy street, freaky but under control, told my hubby and he said he had never heard of that, so no biggie right? WRONGO!!! On thursday after picking up my charming little one, I had to run to deliver a flip flop album I made for Denise who had a class at SCE, proceeded to get gas since the idiot gas light was on..BTW I Hate pumping gas! Filled up across the street from sce and then headed across the street pulled into the parking lot and shuts off...I think oh crap and attempt to restart said piece o *&^%. Nothing it just I am ticked now! try to access famous on-star services to have them run a diagnostic and it won't work because the car has to have power to do that! not to helpful if you ask me! Finally got it started, to have it die..oh it started again long enough to get onstart on the horn and the guy to tell me I have an electrical problem, really genius? I could of told you that! He offered roadside assistance and then car died...I give up, I decided to call back from my cell phone. They ended up towing it to the dealer that night, free of charge thank goodness! Friday am I call the dealer and he tells me that it needs a part they don't carry, surprise surprise...they said it would be ready monday and to leave it until then. ok I said, now what do do without a vehicle? My friend Let said they should give you a rental since it is a warranty, so I called back and he said that since the vehicle was running and driveable that I din't qualify for a rental..WHAT???? you told me not 5 minutes ago, that I should leave it for safety reasons...after a phone call by him to corporate I am now driving a Mazda 6, nice car BTW I really like it, if I didn't owe so much on the vue I would definetly trade it in, but then hubby told me if you trade it in, I am NOT loading your scrapbook stuff in it, he said don't you remember why we bought the vue in the first place? you have to much crap for that car, you can't go smaller..oh yea :(

So we had our sale extravaganza on Saturday, we had a pretty steady flow all day until aboput 2:30, she decided she's doing it again next weekend since there is still SO much stuff left. Fun least all the hard part of setting up and pricing is already done, I tell ya that about killed me, I missed my lateniter crew and my Tally girl o the night, miss em!

I hope you all had a moment of silence for me since I wasn't there ....Today was pretty lazy for me, think I am coming down with something from working so hard, over tired I guess, tomorrow my chiropractor is back from vaca5tion, I will be there first thing in the am, and in the afternoon miss Ang will be dropping off her fly kits for me to assemble for her marvelous class this week at sce..

I watched Big Bro tonight, and can I just say how HAPPY I am that Jen got nominated, she needs to go in a bad way I tell ya, she IRRITATES me in a BIG WAY! I will be JENuinely happy when she leaves..LOL I couldn't resist.

Nicole is about 90% moved out now, we head to CA on Tuesday to pick up her trust and then she moves out wednesday, she's all enrolled in school and ready to fly the coop, I just hope she's happy, thats all I want for my kids.

Well, off to bed early early start for me in the am....Aloha!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Girls Day

I decided to pick up arianna early from day camp today for a special "mom & me" trip :)

I took her for her first pedicure!

You can't really tell on her, but she picked a glitter red..she said she really liked it when they hit the bottom of her feet. She was messing around soaking in the water and kicked the cover and water sprayed all over like niagra falls, I wanted to laugh so hard, but she did a bad thing. They told her to sit still and handed me a towel ;)

She picked a lovely shade of hot pink for can you say no to a sweet face?

Then we decided to hit Tarjay for school clothes shopping and ended up with this...

yea, school shopping DONE and out of the way...I also had lunch today at crackers(first time BTW) with Jamie and Gaye, Addi and Karli, it was delish and fun to visit.

Cancelled my late niter for friday nite..WHAT?!?!? you say? yes I know completely tramatic experience for me too, but we (Let and I) are having a HUGE scrapbook closeout sale on saturday morning, and friday I need to help set up and price said merchandise...

Thats it for now, Chow Bella

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today was VERY ordinary, managed to get the master bath and bedroom cleaned up, ruined a perfectly good shirt in the process with bleach..UGH!

Hung out with my puppies..they are so cute huh?
The part came for the dryer finally, he should be here thursday to fix it!! YEAH!
Well Big brother is on, luv it, that Jen chick has got to go she highly annoys me!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I have delivered the FAB kits for the July Love Notes Class at SCE, and I can't believe how fast time is going, we are doing a Christmas in July Class...Christmas you say ?? Exactly what I said. I can't believe its about 5 months until then. Crazy...Did a few technique cards from my 52 card class with Tena Sprenger, too bad I am still 35 cards behind..LOL SOME DAY I will finish them. I attempted to do laundry today, dryer is working still, stood there for 25 minutes resetting the error OVER and OVER and OVER until my pants were dry enough to wear..what a site I tell ya!
Nicole came back from her trip with my mom to California today, her life plans have changed AGAIN! (what a surprise..not!!) Now she was going to move to CA with her great grandmother and go to school over there...then Later tonight, she has decided to move in with her friend (rent free) and do her first semester of school here, save money(that's a whole nother subject) and then relocate to CA. Well I hope she decides soon, shes making me crazy with all the indecisiveness.
well nothing else going on....will post pics when my battery charges....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

stuff and more stuff....

Well I conquered Heidis kits yesterday 360 in an amazing 4 hours..go tammy go

took a nap and chilled :)

Today I decided to buy this

I am enjoying playing with it so far, impressed with the pictures it takes, the dogs aren't

Nothing else too exciting I do need to buy a 12 x 12 printer now, I am eyeing the epson R1800...oohhhhhhh yyeeeaaaaa

I have totally t tomorrow morning, should be fun! CYA!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, Monday.....

Woke with a stiff neck, headed to chiro and got a much needed adjustment, still really sore though, stopped by sce to see if Heidi Lynn was ready for me to kit..looks like tomorrow for sure. I am looking forward to it!

The guy came AGAIN for the dryer spent 2 seconds saying the part was bad he had and he needs to order something else and now he says the 19Th...I have been without a dryer for 3 weeks! I called Sears and asked for a new one and she told me they have to replace 4 different parts before it can be exchanged..WHAT?!?!?! needless to say I wasn't happy, but I will have to just wait.

I watched Hell's Kitchen tonight, I Love Gordon Ramsey..he cracks me up ;) I wanted to be a professional chef, but it never happened, I ended up a personal chef instead... :)

Trying to decide on what kind of new camera to get, I want to step up from the point and shoot, but I don't know much about a camera with tons of stuff on it...I am leaning towards a Nikon D40 which is like a dslr with training wheels, but the cool pix p5000 looks easier but more limited.....decisions, decisions.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

After todays conquering your computer class and trying some of the things at home, I felt like this lovely cartoon! Man do I have a headache! I want to learn, but patience isn't a virtue that I posess.

Don't get me wrong, joey is a good teacher and I think I have got it, then I get home and the "blonde" thing kicks in and I forget everything, even the great handouts become foreign languages.

went to costco today to return the portable a/c unit I bought because my office is INSANELY hot, but alas it didn't function correctly and felt like satan was blowing hot air in my general direction....HAHAHA, so we proceeded to grab an industrial fan that would give a good monsoon a run for it's has now cooled off in this room to 78 degrees, almost bearable until I start having more hot flashes....I even foiled the windows, now I can't see what is going on out in the real world from my "cave" LOL

Fridays late niter was alot of fun finished 3 say 3?!? you betcha you heard right..3..yes 3 and I would upload them but my camera batteries are dead and you will have to wait to see the lovely creations I have made this week ;)

Had a really good lunch yesterday at Rigatoni's yesterday too...had the lobster ravioli and all I can say is YUMMY!! had hubby's left over chicken Florentine for dinner, that also is very good.

Back to today, as I was coming home from class, I walked in the door and proceeded to KICK my scrapbook bag and I think I broke my little toe..OUCH! It is still throbbing all these hours later....

off to take some aspirin and rest my toe......ciao

Thursday, July 05, 2007

it figures!

Well, I decided to do some laundry yesterday, and the *&*^*^ dryer is now getting another error and burning my clothes!! This is getting ridiculous! I think I am going to scream until I get a new one!

Arianna helped with the dishes last night, she was so funny all day running around in the house in her bathing suit (we don't even have a pool!) and saying how cold it was..when it came time to do the dishes she said it was a good thing she had it on, since she was getting wet doing the that's what I have been doing wrong all along, I should of been wearing a bathing suit..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to scrapbook barn yesterday and bought a couple things, nothing too exciting, what I wanted they were out of anyway :(

Didn't make it to mystic paper to get my stamp, I started to feel crappy, those dang hot flashes are killing me! Getting old SUCKS!!

Did have weinerschnitzel today for lunch, so NOT on my healthy eating plan, but sometimes good chili fries make the world a happier place :)

Well, til later then...chow

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

wasted day...

Well, they finally fixed the dryer monday and do you think I have done laundry...NOPE!! I am not even remotely motivated to do it. so after he left monday at about 1pm, I watched tv and wound ribbon from my stash onto chipboard.

Today I decided to keep arianna home from the biys and girls club becasue she had a dentist appt at 2pm and I didn't want to drive all over gilbert in the heat to get her..go ahead call me lazy, but it was 114 today!!

Good news the girls both checked out great with NO cavities...that's great, I hate paying for fillings :(

Still have some stomach pains, went to the chiropractor, but it didn't help to much, he said to sleep on my back and stay off my sides..yea, like that will happen.

I feel like scrappin but my room is a mess and I don't want to clean and then re-mess.

Another exciting day planned for tomorrow, NOTHING! Hubby has to work and Nicole is going to hang out with friends, I might head over to mystic paper and pick up a stamp I have been wanting , and stop by scrapbook barn for the 25% off everything sale, I could do some damage...hehe... other than that just chillin with the nana-nator......isn't she cute?!?

Oh and thanks for the comment rock!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


After listening to Becky (aka b-dizzle) I decided to show her that bloggin for me was a complete waste of time...I have a very ordinary life and nothing to "write home" about. She told me that I would have to do some more intersting things then...LOL Becky you crack me here's to you kid!

I can't believe it is July 1st already, where has all the time gone? My oldest turns 18 in 23 days! I can't believe I am that old!

I attended the silent auction to benefit PLAY at Scrapbooks Etc last night and won lots of pretties! See below.....ooohhh awwwww..

Well, well.....

So they are coming to fix my dryer tomorrow so I guess I will be literally knee deep washing and drying tomorrow...can you say aaaaaahhhhhhh poor me :)

nothing else planned except a trip to the vet to get sasha girl her rabies shot...I seem to have lost her records :(

Ok bec this one was for you...told you it was boring !