Monday, July 16, 2007


I have delivered the FAB kits for the July Love Notes Class at SCE, and I can't believe how fast time is going, we are doing a Christmas in July Class...Christmas you say ?? Exactly what I said. I can't believe its about 5 months until then. Crazy...Did a few technique cards from my 52 card class with Tena Sprenger, too bad I am still 35 cards behind..LOL SOME DAY I will finish them. I attempted to do laundry today, dryer is working still, stood there for 25 minutes resetting the error OVER and OVER and OVER until my pants were dry enough to wear..what a site I tell ya!
Nicole came back from her trip with my mom to California today, her life plans have changed AGAIN! (what a surprise..not!!) Now she was going to move to CA with her great grandmother and go to school over there...then Later tonight, she has decided to move in with her friend (rent free) and do her first semester of school here, save money(that's a whole nother subject) and then relocate to CA. Well I hope she decides soon, shes making me crazy with all the indecisiveness.
well nothing else going on....will post pics when my battery charges....

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