Thursday, July 05, 2007

it figures!

Well, I decided to do some laundry yesterday, and the *&*^*^ dryer is now getting another error and burning my clothes!! This is getting ridiculous! I think I am going to scream until I get a new one!

Arianna helped with the dishes last night, she was so funny all day running around in the house in her bathing suit (we don't even have a pool!) and saying how cold it was..when it came time to do the dishes she said it was a good thing she had it on, since she was getting wet doing the that's what I have been doing wrong all along, I should of been wearing a bathing suit..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to scrapbook barn yesterday and bought a couple things, nothing too exciting, what I wanted they were out of anyway :(

Didn't make it to mystic paper to get my stamp, I started to feel crappy, those dang hot flashes are killing me! Getting old SUCKS!!

Did have weinerschnitzel today for lunch, so NOT on my healthy eating plan, but sometimes good chili fries make the world a happier place :)

Well, til later then...chow

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Becky said...

sorry about your dryer... stinky pete! well, i should definitely take arianna's advice and do dishes in a swimming suit cause i always get my shirt covered with water. welp, see ya tomorrow! or, i guess later today!