Wednesday, July 11, 2007

stuff and more stuff....

Well I conquered Heidis kits yesterday 360 in an amazing 4 hours..go tammy go

took a nap and chilled :)

Today I decided to buy this

I am enjoying playing with it so far, impressed with the pictures it takes, the dogs aren't

Nothing else too exciting I do need to buy a 12 x 12 printer now, I am eyeing the epson R1800...oohhhhhhh yyeeeaaaaa

I have totally t tomorrow morning, should be fun! CYA!


Jamie said...

Ha! . . . busted. So we have yet another blogger. Now I can stalk yours too!:) I guess I better start one . . . if I wan't to be in the "cool" crowd! BTW nice camera.

angieinpink said...

ooooooooo...that looks like fun!! congrats on the fun toy...btw...i'm adding you to my links! k? k. bye!

Laura Blue said...

yay for your new camera... i'm jealious. have fun with it!