Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Girls Day

I decided to pick up arianna early from day camp today for a special "mom & me" trip :)

I took her for her first pedicure!

You can't really tell on her, but she picked a glitter red..she said she really liked it when they hit the bottom of her feet. She was messing around soaking in the water and kicked the cover and water sprayed all over like niagra falls, I wanted to laugh so hard, but she did a bad thing. They told her to sit still and handed me a towel ;)

She picked a lovely shade of hot pink for can you say no to a sweet face?

Then we decided to hit Tarjay for school clothes shopping and ended up with this...

yea, school shopping DONE and out of the way...I also had lunch today at crackers(first time BTW) with Jamie and Gaye, Addi and Karli, it was delish and fun to visit.

Cancelled my late niter for friday nite..WHAT?!?!? you say? yes I know completely tramatic experience for me too, but we (Let and I) are having a HUGE scrapbook closeout sale on saturday morning, and friday I need to help set up and price said merchandise...

Thats it for now, Chow Bella


Becky said...

i'll miss seeing you t-dizzle!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Yeah, pretty much me and Sandee had a traumatic moment when we realized that your spot in the corner near the door was going to be filled by someone else. You missed out on good times because I was the tally last night. -Emily

Laura Blue said...

aww... how fun! i want a mommy and me day. you are such a great mom. honestly... i can't wait to be a mom.