Saturday, July 07, 2007

After todays conquering your computer class and trying some of the things at home, I felt like this lovely cartoon! Man do I have a headache! I want to learn, but patience isn't a virtue that I posess.

Don't get me wrong, joey is a good teacher and I think I have got it, then I get home and the "blonde" thing kicks in and I forget everything, even the great handouts become foreign languages.

went to costco today to return the portable a/c unit I bought because my office is INSANELY hot, but alas it didn't function correctly and felt like satan was blowing hot air in my general direction....HAHAHA, so we proceeded to grab an industrial fan that would give a good monsoon a run for it's has now cooled off in this room to 78 degrees, almost bearable until I start having more hot flashes....I even foiled the windows, now I can't see what is going on out in the real world from my "cave" LOL

Fridays late niter was alot of fun finished 3 say 3?!? you betcha you heard right..3..yes 3 and I would upload them but my camera batteries are dead and you will have to wait to see the lovely creations I have made this week ;)

Had a really good lunch yesterday at Rigatoni's yesterday too...had the lobster ravioli and all I can say is YUMMY!! had hubby's left over chicken Florentine for dinner, that also is very good.

Back to today, as I was coming home from class, I walked in the door and proceeded to KICK my scrapbook bag and I think I broke my little toe..OUCH! It is still throbbing all these hours later....

off to take some aspirin and rest my toe......ciao

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Becky said...

reading computer stuff can be hard for me too sometimes! i just fiddle around with things til i figure it out, or break it! ha ha! good luck with conquering your computer! :)