Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, Monday.....

Woke with a stiff neck, headed to chiro and got a much needed adjustment, still really sore though, stopped by sce to see if Heidi Lynn was ready for me to kit..looks like tomorrow for sure. I am looking forward to it!

The guy came AGAIN for the dryer spent 2 seconds saying the part was bad he had and he needs to order something else and now he says the 19Th...I have been without a dryer for 3 weeks! I called Sears and asked for a new one and she told me they have to replace 4 different parts before it can be exchanged..WHAT?!?!?! needless to say I wasn't happy, but I will have to just wait.

I watched Hell's Kitchen tonight, I Love Gordon Ramsey..he cracks me up ;) I wanted to be a professional chef, but it never happened, I ended up a personal chef instead... :)

Trying to decide on what kind of new camera to get, I want to step up from the point and shoot, but I don't know much about a camera with tons of stuff on it...I am leaning towards a Nikon D40 which is like a dslr with training wheels, but the cool pix p5000 looks easier but more limited.....decisions, decisions.

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Becky said...

i want a new camera too! but i'll still get a point and shoot! idk that much about that kinda stuff, but i hear nikon is pretty much the best camera you can buy! i'm kinda jealous tammy!