Sunday, July 22, 2007

A VUE to kill

Can I just take a moment to say that SATURN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say first off that I have the "new" car curse, I have been bombarded (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) with problems with new vehicles, you'd think I'd learn....

Alas I haven't. A couple of weeks ago with tooling sown sossaman near southern intersection my beloved VUE decided it would just QUIT RUNNING! I thought @*&%&$%%^$ and restarted it as I was doing 45 mph on a busy street, freaky but under control, told my hubby and he said he had never heard of that, so no biggie right? WRONGO!!! On thursday after picking up my charming little one, I had to run to deliver a flip flop album I made for Denise who had a class at SCE, proceeded to get gas since the idiot gas light was on..BTW I Hate pumping gas! Filled up across the street from sce and then headed across the street pulled into the parking lot and shuts off...I think oh crap and attempt to restart said piece o *&^%. Nothing it just I am ticked now! try to access famous on-star services to have them run a diagnostic and it won't work because the car has to have power to do that! not to helpful if you ask me! Finally got it started, to have it die..oh it started again long enough to get onstart on the horn and the guy to tell me I have an electrical problem, really genius? I could of told you that! He offered roadside assistance and then car died...I give up, I decided to call back from my cell phone. They ended up towing it to the dealer that night, free of charge thank goodness! Friday am I call the dealer and he tells me that it needs a part they don't carry, surprise surprise...they said it would be ready monday and to leave it until then. ok I said, now what do do without a vehicle? My friend Let said they should give you a rental since it is a warranty, so I called back and he said that since the vehicle was running and driveable that I din't qualify for a rental..WHAT???? you told me not 5 minutes ago, that I should leave it for safety reasons...after a phone call by him to corporate I am now driving a Mazda 6, nice car BTW I really like it, if I didn't owe so much on the vue I would definetly trade it in, but then hubby told me if you trade it in, I am NOT loading your scrapbook stuff in it, he said don't you remember why we bought the vue in the first place? you have to much crap for that car, you can't go smaller..oh yea :(

So we had our sale extravaganza on Saturday, we had a pretty steady flow all day until aboput 2:30, she decided she's doing it again next weekend since there is still SO much stuff left. Fun least all the hard part of setting up and pricing is already done, I tell ya that about killed me, I missed my lateniter crew and my Tally girl o the night, miss em!

I hope you all had a moment of silence for me since I wasn't there ....Today was pretty lazy for me, think I am coming down with something from working so hard, over tired I guess, tomorrow my chiropractor is back from vaca5tion, I will be there first thing in the am, and in the afternoon miss Ang will be dropping off her fly kits for me to assemble for her marvelous class this week at sce..

I watched Big Bro tonight, and can I just say how HAPPY I am that Jen got nominated, she needs to go in a bad way I tell ya, she IRRITATES me in a BIG WAY! I will be JENuinely happy when she leaves..LOL I couldn't resist.

Nicole is about 90% moved out now, we head to CA on Tuesday to pick up her trust and then she moves out wednesday, she's all enrolled in school and ready to fly the coop, I just hope she's happy, thats all I want for my kids.

Well, off to bed early early start for me in the am....Aloha!


angieinpink said...

i will quote my dad:
"cars are a black hole into which you poor money"
true that dad. true that.

sorry about your vue drama.
thanks for the fab kits!

Becky said...

we have had lots of car trouble lately too! err... SO annoying!