Friday, June 13, 2008

Been a long time...

Well it has been a week since I have taken my trip and still don't feel particularly well, but good enough I guess to post about my trip to St Louis for Scrap St. Louis.

First off those of you who know me know that I have never flown and this was my first ever flight(UGH!) Got to the airport at 0'dark 30 and proceeded to make my way down ENDLESS walkways to security for so west, did what everyone else did, put my shoes, purse carry-on in the gray bins and then it to lane 1, and they pulled me aside.....they were interested in the CPAP machine in my carry-on, they had me unpack it, wiped it down did some test on it and then I was free to re-pack it and head on my way-scared the crap out of me though, being pulled aside not having any clue what I had done.

Made it to my gate in a ball of nerves, tears flowed quietly a few times good thing no one could see me. Bought a water took my ativan thinking it would calm me like it did after I booked my ticket.

I had to wait about an hour for the plane to board and the ativan still wasn't helping much, bought a starbucks but end up throwing it away, my stomach was trashed!

Then the boarding process started, I was A33 so only about 10 people boarded before me, so I was able to get an aisle seat AWAY from the window, I promptly closed the window!
Flight was pretty sparse, had my own row, next closest person was a couple aisles up.

Then the take on, NOT liking that so much, holy **&% seemed like we went straight up and his turn was way sharp, I thought for sure I was going to heave, and of course more tears and silent hysteria.

I was freakin out the turbulence was pretty bad, seat belt signs were on the whole time, when the flight attendant came around with drinks she saw I was upset and came and set with me and I told her it was my first flight, she apologized for the rough flight, said it wasn't normally that bad and then she explained all the noises I would be hearing (wheels coming down, engine changing, etc) and calmed me quite a bit, but I still was a wreck! It was very nice of her to help me.

Then the landing...smoother MUCH smoother than the take-off and I was glad to be on the ground, 2 hours of torture finished....

We got there 30 minutes early so Shermala wasn't there yet, but was on her way.
She picked me up at we were on our way to St Louis...a 4 hour drive which took about 6 after we stopped at Michaels, got gas, had get the idea..LOL

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in St Louis where the event was being held and it was HOT..and not hot like here but STICKY ICKY HOT..I will take the dry heat any day!

We received our breakfast coupons, scrap bag and class schedule for the weekend and went to our room to take a quick break before the event started.

We went and had dinner after the opening event and can I just say how great the hotel food was, it was better than some restaurants I have eaten at, gained 5 lbs in 3 days..yes that good!

Our first "class" of the day Saturday was make-n-takes by different stores and companies, crop paper scissors, fiskars, K and Co, and others..made a fathers day project, custom name tag, butterfly mini book, card, seaside mini album, got to see some new product coming out by Fiskars (HUGE punches) I went pretty fast only 25 to a group so time wasn't an issue at all.

then on to class I can't remember the particular order now (none of the classes were mind blowing) but the projects didn't get completed so I have NO photos, if they ever get finished it will be a small miracle, I still haven't finished projects from the first Creative Escape!

We had a class sponsored by 7 Gypsies taught by their local scrapbook store teacher, Tracy Neihaus by K and Co, the owners of Clearly Scraps (we did a mickey acrylic book) Lance from Rusty Pickle always a hoot, Heidi Grace(what a disappointment-although the product was nice)
Joey Otlo from Bazzill, and Danielle Johnson from Creative Imaginations.

It was great to see Shermala which was my main reason for going, she's doing well, and thanks for asking!

At the event I heard my first Tornado sirens-turns out it was EXTREMELY close, across the street as a matter of fact-talk about a traumatizing weekend!

Then the ride back to the airport, I visited my first Archivers...nice store, I am kinda glad we don't have those here, I would be way broke!

I bought enough stuff to have to check my bag cuz it was dang heavy, another new experience which Shermala helped me with, she filled out the tags for my suitcases and helped me up to security and sent me on my way, of course fear kicked in again and more tears and anxiety..

My flight showed on time, but weather was awful. then it happened it was delayed by 30 minutes, more time for anxiety to build, talked to a couple of people in the terminal which helped distract me.

Then boarding time we got on, lightening all around drove out to the tar mack and then the blah blah...we are going to sit out here on the plane..blah blah 30 get the idea so after 1 1/2 hours in the plane on the ground we took off..this guy was a little better on his take off not so steep, smooth and his turns barely noticeable...still kinda freaked, but better than the going there trip. Once we got above the storm, it was relatively smooth and we detoured around the storm took almost 4 hours to get home. How,ever this guys landing was rough, maybe the 2 pilots ought to get together and take notes!

Hubby was waiting to pick me up with my daughter, it was good to be going home.

I think I seriously would of rented a car and driven home had it not been for the fact that I had had Lesli's class kits to do Sunday night for her classes on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thur!

Not sure if I will fly again anytime soon, but the experience is one for my book of fears to tackle....

Love ya Shermala, thanks for everything...see YOU in September!


Shannon said...

Congrats on making the trip and sticking with it. Really interested in hearing more about the classes....thought I might do this next year...

Maybe next time you fly you could take a is so much easier when you aren't thinking about what is going on and just chit chatting non stop!

sandalloons44 said...

Oh that is nice of you to go Tammy but, the flights aren't always that bad. Most are so smooth like you never know your up in the air. Oh that is what Joey was talking about. I went to her conquer your computer class #1 and she told us about bad weather, sirens but, wasn't completely following her.

Glad you got to see your friend for the most part.