Sunday, February 03, 2008

oh man, I missed a couple happys

Dang and I was doing sooo good too, so today I will give you a few happys to make up for it.

1) Happy to have healthy children
2) Happy I have an awesome room to create in (need to do that more)

and the biggie for today:

3) I am so very lucky and happy to be surrounded by people with an amazing amount of talent and kindness i.e,
Jennifer Wagner(LOVE this girl, projects to DIE for, such creative talents, AMAZING)
Angie Dunn (super cute, makes you feel happy to be around her)
Jamie Anderson (nice, funny, talented and her fault I am in this habit :))
Emily Jones (what can I say about Emmers, she is a bright spot in my day, always good for a smile when I need it, and her blog cracks me up too+ she thinks I am amzing!) LOL
The Polka Dot Chicks, talented and fun, what else is there to say?
Jenaye Collins (Perky, cute and always a help in finding that perfect ribbon)
Carol Wingert (the teacher I enjoy challenging most..enuff said!)
Tena Sprenger(mega talent, super nice lady)
Sandee..(I LOVE her, she is so full of energy and that lady has an eye for great pages, she does awesome stuff)
Heidi Lynn (She always suprises me with a cool new "twist" on something..she is good for my creative genius!)
Gaye, Well I want to be her when I grow up, that lady is truly amazing, I like being in the same room as her, hoping her "genius" will rub off on me... favorite little parrot, and greatest purchaser of my artly rock girl a sure fun to scrap with and you make some amazing things, you artist you...
Ginger is a warm genuine person, who is a joy to be around, I wish I had her talent and patience!
Susan M..always reminds me to stamp my paper wehn she sees me, and makes awesome mini books! ear and a best friend(and talent too) also a BIG enabler of scrapbooking products..LOL card friend, she inspires me to make rockin cards! She also makes killer treats!

Oh what the heck I know there are alot more ladies I forgot to mention, but you all know you have contributed to my life and creativeness in more ways than you will know, I feel privileged
to call each one of you my friends :) Rock on ladies!

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.
- Czech Proverb


Shermala said...

Love your posts lately. They are so upbeat and happy! What a great idea too. I too read your blog, so keep it coming with the updates! See you April!

Jamie said...

{tear} - so sweet! We all ove you too! You seriosuly rock with you amazing craftiness, kitting, cards, pumpkins, friendship - to name a few things. C-U-soon!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog to read about all the women that touch and inspire your life. I just can't believe you want to be 'Gaye'! Oh well, it's worked for me for 49 years. Love Ya Sista! Keep up the CUTE work!

angieinpink said...

OKAY...I LOVE this post. It gave me's a fact!

How sweet is this list? Couldn't agree more about these girls...and thanks for the kind words, as well....

Love ya Tam...