Thursday, January 31, 2008

The end of another month.....

I can't believe that tomorrow is the start on another month..where does time go seriously...It was just new years yesterday.

Tomorrow I am taking a fab class and sce Bookin it w/ jennifer..this book is absolutely stunning, it is truly amazing to me :)

I will post a pic when I finish it.
Today I am happy to be done kitting it! LOL It was quite the undertaking...


To want to be what one can be is purpose in life.
-Cynthia Ozick

Hi Ken ;)


angieinpink said...

i know! isn't it crazed that it's the beginning of a month already?

i wish i was taking jennifer's is amazing times five hundred.

ps: i'm diggin' all these quotes & happy thoughts.

sandalloons40 said...

Hey are you all caught up for creative escape? I want to come back to the late nighters as this is what I started doing at the scrapbook store but, I work now this crazy graveyard. I paid for my rest of the creative escape today. I need to find their blog and post that I am interested in a room mate but, don't mind having my room all by myself anyway.
Ok, well take care