Wednesday, January 02, 2008

he thinks he is so funny.......

If any of you are scrapbookers who crop at stores or friends houses or retreats, you know that there are neccesities one must bring with them to said event, crop bags, die cut machines, ribbon, etc etc..(need I say more) usually this involves at LEAST 2 trips to load/unload hubby being the sweet guy he is usually loads my car before departure on said nights, he sent me this video yesterday saying that this is what it was going to be before long loading my vehicle, yes I realize it's a commercial, but the overall theme is what he was referring too :)

men, gotta love'em!

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sandalloons40 said...

LOL, that is too funny and I know completely how you mean. But, you are 10 times, 10 tons stuff more then me and I think I have enough. LOL
I can't wait until creative escape but, now instead of the small Hyuandai, I purchased a 8 passenger van. Now I do have the room for now.
take care and great post!