Wednesday, August 29, 2007

so there!

blogger was being difficult earlier and not allowing me to post pictures, so I thought I would try again now..

What do you get when you take this:

and this:

equals this:

Can I just say how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!
I am looking forward to decorating and some year a party like no other...still in the planning stages.
I also want to give a "hello" to my hubby who tells me I entertain him when he reads my blog ;)
It didn't done on me today when he called and asked me if I finished my spooky wreath. I was pretty sure I hadn't said anything and then he told me he knows all, yeah ok, then he admitted to reading my blog, I asked him to comment and he said it wasn't his place. Come on dear, you can comment, but keep it clean...LOL


Becky said...

very creative! i like the old grave pictures! adds just the right touch!

angieinpink said...

you & your creations are turning my hatred for halloween into pure love. that thing you made for emily = amazing.