Sunday, October 28, 2007


You know I have head this headache for a couple weeks now, but it's getting worse, I have slept most of the day away, what a waste! I have finished phase 1 of Heidis ever so lovely calendar kits ;) and have decided to be ultra lazy today...SO GLAD tomorrow is monday and dr dever maybe able to ease my pain and make me semi functional again....I also am loving the new food I have been getting from My Girlfriends Kitchen, good food, low calorie(at least the ones I pick) and reasonable....if you decide to try them out let me refer you or use my name, I get bonus points ;)

Have you ever wanted to play in your scrapbook room but just been to lazy? I have been sitting in here for about 1/2 hour staring at everything, maybe not lazy just in pain :(

Arianna and her dad went to the Fall festival on friday while I was cropping and they had a great time, hubby said the haunted house was amazing and poor arianna was trembling...I am glad I didn't go, I am not one for being scared although I LOVE LOVE scaring other people and watching scary movies...go figure!

16 more days until my 10th wedding anniversary..I really need to get my hubbys gift picked up, I would say what it is but sometimes her lurks here..LOL

Anybody know of a cure for nausea, the pain is making me sick.......

Til next time..I bid you ado.............................


sandalloons40 said...

If this makes you feel any better, I have had a headache since Thursday. hum, I was thinking my allergies as I starting taking Singular again. Ouch it is very painful but, I am sneezing so this must be. There were several people yesterday in church, feeling hot and fainting spells. I was thinking the weather is very unusual for this time of the year, 97 yesterday and 95 they said today. So, it should be cooler and we should be able to turn these air conditioner off, til next year but don't know when.

take care of yourself.

Jamie Lee said...

Um, hello, it's no wonder you've had such a bad headache with double ear infections and a sinus infection. I hope you get feeling better soon! It was good to hang with ya last night. And as always cute project you're working on.

Britt and Jon said...

Hey Tammy- it's Brittany from Totally Techniques! Told ya I'd look you up! Just wanted to say hi & give you my blog address if u want to visit!:

See you next month!