Monday, October 15, 2007


where does the time go???

I thought I had posted a couple of days ago but turns out it was more :(

Yesterday WAS AWESOME!!! Nicole and I headed to the az fairgrounds and saw DAUGHTRY..wooya...he was INCREDIBLE! We had 2nd row center seats, awesome and I think my hearing is coming back....Nicole caught his guitar pick and was so excited that she got it. For her first concert she had an incredible time. She hoped over the row of seats towards the end and he touched her hand, I thought she was going to freak out! I then touched her hand, so I touched him second hand..LOL It was nice to hang out and people watch at the fair, but I was whipped after, and my throat hurt a little and my ears rang for hours. I worked on the fab Ms. Leslis kits today and took a nap. nothing to exciting...

This week the kiddo gets out early every day due to conferences, card class on thursday serendipity on friday and cre8iv, busy busy...I am also picking up an order from my girlfriends kitchen tomorrow, I will let you know how that goes..if it is good or not.

Til then folks thats it!

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sandalloons40 said...

Hey tammy, this is Michelle Aguilar. I was chosen tonight when I looked for creative escape. Were you? I can't believe this and I am taking the payment option ,thank God there is one as too much to pay for this week. I can swing $100 then for now. Ok, well let me know if you are chosen as I am or Now do you know how I add people to my blog? i am learning so much as I can help a computer when it crashes, but, not get my blog going correctly. ha.

take care