Sunday, September 23, 2007

things that make you go hmmmmm

Catchy title huh?

I was just thinking to myself, why when I buy something, it goes on sale the very next day? Why does the cat choose to lay in my freshly laundered clothes and get hair and dirt all over them? Why does an ulcer have to hurt so bad? Why does food you can eat with an ulcer taste so bad? How is it possible to keep a house clean on a daily basis? Why do I enjoy scrapbooking but HATE cleaning up the mess? Why does the internet choose to be a pain in the &*^$&*% when I am trying to do something?

Besides all of that randomness above, it has been a pleasant few days. Deb came over friday night, had the most scrumptoius dinner..yummm..then scrapped a few hours before she had to leave early due to sitter issues, we managed to get a few pages of our halloween book done, looking good I must say....

Today has been a lazy type day --a day of rest before the kits are unleashed...The next few days I will be CRAZY CRAZY busy with kits to do.....keeps me outta trouble I guess ;)

Dogs are getting groomed tomorrow so I will have sweet smellin pups and a chiro appt for me to start off the work week...see ya in a few days when the madness ends .....................................

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