Monday, September 14, 2009

Dark n Dreary Postcard

I really should post more but with everything going on around here in the last couple of months the last thing I wanted to do was post.

Daughters oral surgery to remove 10 teeth, exposure and bracket put on her tooth, brace on the top 5 teeth, spacers on bottom, ken's car accident, Kens mini neuropathy, creative escape, the list goes on...

Here's the cards for my dark n dreary swap on the ATT (all things Tim) board..

The color is really better IRL..I like how they turned out and can't wait to see what I get back!
I also had to include a couple of pics of T!m from Creative Escape '09 - He is such a kidder!


mamamuniz said...

miss you lady!, Glad you had fun with timmy at ce...

inge said...

Hello Tammy,

I like your card : I like the "ghosty" graveyard on the back. It really looks a "scary night"...:)

I will be one of the happy recievers !

greetings from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Love the postcard!
Tim's so silly .... lol