Sunday, October 05, 2008


Almost, almost...almost done with the calendar kits for Miss Heidi, almost ready to leave for vacation, almost ready to relax. So very close.....

I am not feeling overly excited about going on our trip I was looking forward to it, but now, not so much. Who knows it may change once I get there. My back is bugging me a bit and no time for chiropractor until Tuesday (which can't come soon enough)

Wondering why I can't find the strength to follow my eating plan and get this weight blood pressure is creeping back up, and I am starting to get headaches again.

I get a "fill" in my band again on the 15Th maybe that will help, have been trying to walk daily on the treadmill, do good for a few days then life happens and it falls to the wayside :(

I know "beating" myself up doesn't help anything, I should consider it a lesson learned and move on, or better yet, figure out the underlying reason I sabotages myself.

Sasha the dog has been bitten below the eye tonight while she was on the couch, I gave her beneadryl, and I hope the swelling goes down, otherwise it is going to be a vet visit in the am, dang dog...

I want to decorate for Halloween more, but I have been so busy with kits and getting prepped for the trip that I may not get it all out until after the 16th..I knew I should of put it out in Sept..LOL

Off to eat some fruit, I am feeling like I need to eat...(at least it's not the chocolate cake sitting on the counter-don't ask!)

Peace People!

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Michelle AGuilar said...

hey lady,

where are you going and when?
How fun a vacation. I hope you get to feeling good soon. Wanna walk with me at night or the daytime?
I will help keep you company as I love, love, love to walk, Very healthy for us both and everyone.
I could meet you at your house and we can go and walk. Good idea.

I wish my house was more inviting and perhaps put together. ON my blog I am still trying to get the scrap room organized. WE need the carpets out or cleaned.

But, of coarse I am tired today, making beef and noodles soup, very heathly and catching up on my life a bit. Since some have been sick, I worked 5 days straight and so I am tired, two days off, work wed, and then off Thursday.

So, I shall have your 2 movie tickets by the 21st. Keep forgetting to go to Costco and get them for your winnings. Sorry.

take care and get some rest, and let me know if you ever want to walk. Once we get on a routine, you will love it.