Wednesday, March 12, 2008


A day for random posts..

Not alot going on, taking some classes at SCE and kitting some kits for Tena (cute ones)

Had follow up surgeon appt yesterday, he says my incisions are looking good, and I am finding I am getting hungrier sooner, so it is almost time for a fill, I have one scheduled for 3-31-08 I am afraid it's going to hurt, but I am a big ol baby when it comes to needles!

My new computer arrived and is in the process of being set up by my computer geek hubby :)

I have had eggs this week, can I just tell you how much I like eggs..LOL

Sasha's cancer and her nose has receeded, they go in on the 15th for follow up blood work from there Rimadyl overdose scare..dang dogs!

I got my scentsy order..YUMMY!!! I love smelling that orange hubby says it smells like sugar cookies, but either way it smells delish!

I am considering a "scrapbook store" tour of california soon, 3 days and a list of stores I would like to

Spring break is next week, someone save me............

I bought some daily inspiration cards from the never quit series and the success series..
Todays card I pulled says, " I sought advice and cooperation from all those around me-but not permission
Muhammed Ali

Something to think about...

Peace friends


Cicely said...

Dear Tammy: Congrats about your surgery! I am really happy for you. You are going to have such a new outlook on life. Before we know it, you'll be letting us know that you went out and purchased a pair of "booty shorts." ;)

Love ya! - Cicely

sandalloons40 said...

Hi Tammy,

Oh did you go Angie's party? I was trying to get a holed of you to pick you up. Ok, well I am debating now if I want to go to creative escape. I have until June to decide. I was thinking for $1,000 I could take the whole family to Disneyland and I may do this also. I was thinking can you please take photos of what you did last time and then I can decide?

I feel quilty paying this much just for me. I know my husband wants to take Jesus to Mexico, perhaps in June for 1-2weeks, leave him there and then go back and pick him up when it is a month from when he dropped him off.
My blog now is I had to change it as the other one would not let me blog.

Congradulations on your surgery again.

Ok, well take care